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Saint's Row 2
Am I the only person in the world that cannot quit playing this game? I pre-ordered it and picked it up on Tuesday night after work. I was off Wed and Thurs and stayed up until 4 am playing. My wife is just as addicted as I am and we took turns all day and a lot of the night playing.
It beats the dog crap out of Grand Theft Auto 4. In GTA, I did a bank robbery and got $250k. There was nothing to spend the money on. In SR2, you can fully customize everything. You can fully customize your charactor, buy clothes (pick the colors), buy houses,cars (and store them in your garage), pimp out all the cars in your garage.

If you like GTA (or the first Saint's Row) I cannot reccommend it highly enough!
Also: Does anyone know if there will be a drums/mic set for Guitar Hero:World Tour (PS3)for those of us that already have a couple of guitars?
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