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Re: Favorite Live Recording/Bootleg...
Roskilde 2000 - a relatively clean radio recording that is easy to listen to.

I absolutely love the 2000 era live shows, punchy beats and re-rendered tracks used as mini segues (e.g Spoonman / Banstyle). It was an interesting time for live shows as Rick and Karl were reinventing themselves as a duo. Rick had to make the setup work for him, configuring the desks and equipment for easy reach, simpler sequences and from photos and videos from that year the 98/99 era the Tomato visuals were dropped.

There are only a few decent recordings from 2000, I would have said Pukkelpop 2000 if the recording was cleaner and more listenable - it has a noteable Cappe Ffuno / Leave Home mash up.

Electraglide 2000 is also memorable for a surge of new demo material (e.g 010101, Biro The Leggy and Strumpet) some of which eventually made its way onto new albums later in the decade.
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