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Re: Munich 1999
I had a re-listen to this gig and there a few noteworthy moments:
  • Push into Mama goes a bit wrong to begin with but recovers nicely - the distincive pulsating baseline throughout the track - very upbeat.
  • Nice to hear "Rising Son" - an instrumental a punchy little Emerson Scorchio-style house track played a few times in 1999... into Juanita
  • Juanita is sequenced differently and Karl sings "there is a sound..." lyrics before the vocoder "your rails". Only other recording I can think of with this sequence was 94 Sheffield, but that was a very early rendition of the track anyway.
  • The intro of Jumbo is blended with an untitled bridge track... I can't think of another time Jumbo was blended with anything - usually performed in isolation.
  • The Cups / Pens track is started in isolation instead of a bridge and used as the intro into NUXX... I think this is the only time Cups was performed in any way with NUXX - but the practise of using an Intro into NUXX was something they did a few times... From memory Banstyle2k (Roskilde 2000) and Rising Son (Fuji 99) were also performed in this way.
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