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Re: new beat repeat is published.

Feeling spring–new Starkey, new Gorillas, new Solar Polar…. plenty of sonic thunder. Much of the commentary on the new Starkey album that I have read seems to lean towards schizophrenic, but Ear Drums and Black Holes sure has it’s moments. Lead off tune this week is a house shaker. Also this week, new music from Falty DL and another Donnacha Costello find. Many thanks to my friends who send me music. You know who you are. Coming soon, live techno jam. Kick drums to be built, sounds to be cut and pasted.

Beat Repeat No 29

Allin the Place–Falty DL
The Floating World–Kidkanevil
Hall–Clara Moto
Endless Falls–Loscil
Mr. Polite–Cobblestone Jazz
Pruned–John Roberts
Miss Synclaviera–Donnacha Costello
Sleep Walking–Solar Polar
On Melancholy Hill–Gorillaz
Club Games–Starkey