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Re: DRIFT Series 1 - New album, Nov 1, 2019
Originally Posted by 34958hq439-qjw9v5jq298v5j View Post
Also worth mentioning that "A Very Silent Way" is not on EP1 anymore which suggests there will be one disc of Necks collabs (and we probably already know what 47 minutes of it is gonna be)
Yes, that would make sense of what the seventh disc will be (I was really hoping CD7 would be the Manchester Sound Poem soundtrack, but sadly not) - also the only way to get Continuum on it without cutting it down. I'm glad BYTWB is there in full this time. I'd imagine A Moth at the Door will be one of the bonuses on CD4 or 5, much like Do Breakers Trip is. I wonder if we'll get the original version of Soniamode on there somewhere. CD2 on the Japanese version is a really bizarre run of songs.

The 'sampler' edition (interesting phrasing - they seem to be less inclined to call this a proper album now) seems to be weighted very much more towards the later episodes:
Appleshine (EP2)
This Must Be Drum Street (EP3)
Listen To Their No (EP4)
Border Country (EP4)
Mile Bush Pride (EP5)
Schiphol Test (EP4)
Brilliant Yes That Would Be (EP1)
S T A R (Rebel Tech) (EP5)
Imagine A Box (EP5)
Custard Speedtalk (EP3)

The Japanese bonus disc is similar:
Low Between Zebras (EP1)
Toluca Stars (EP5)
Doris (EP4)
A Moth At The Door (???)
Dune (EP3)
Hundred Weight Hammer (EP4)
Do Breakers Trip (EP3 Bonus)
Molehill (EP2)

The album itself is 57:23... longer than the last two but still on the short end, given the amount of material they have available.

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