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Re: RELEASED! 1998.12.31 Temptation NYE, Alexandra Palace, London, UK NEW AUDIO CONST
So now onto the edit construction.


All sources remastered (by Bill - massive thanks to Bill) to make all sources
sound as close as possible to the S2 BERTS SWEDISH RADIO as this was the best quality
source of the show. Then after show was edited together Bill boosted the low end across
the show where needed. Source S1 Bill used a reverb plug-in on the complete file to
make the mono file sound a bit more stereo.
Notes below detail each track and how we went from each source to construct the tracks
and any other fixes for any other errors in each track.

01 - -Intro- = S1 with added crowd underneath.

02 - Mmm...Skyscraper, I Love You =
-S1 for very start notes (with crowd added underneath)
-cross fade to S5 at 00:07-00:09 seconds (with crowd added underneath)
-beat drop out at 02:15 minutes patched with surrounding beats
-cut to S2 at 02:45 minutes
-glitch at 04:16 minutes fixed with surrounding beats
-right channel drop out of some tracks from the mixing desk 05:46-05:50 mins fixed
by using the left channel copied and pasted
-cross fade to S5 at 08:33-08:40 mins to fix missing section from S2 due to radio sting
-cut back to S2 at 08:40 mins
-at 10:01 - 10:08 mins a drum error on stage partially fixed by using the following 8
bars to patch some of the previous 8 bars with the errors. I couldnt patch all of it
out because the first couple of bars have the end of note of a synth from the breakdown
and also the end couple of bars have that distintive "duh duh duh da da" synth which
isnt in the end of the following 8 bars so had to leave that you can hear a
bit of the drum error at the start of that 8 bars and a bit of the drum error at the
end of the first 8 bars. [We have included a PURIST version of Skyscraper which still
has the complete drums error in it for those who want to preserve and listen to what
happened on the night for the full live experience. As a note the Radio 1 broadcast
edited those 8 bars with the drum error out completely of the show. It was only on the
S2 Swedish broadcast].
-at 10:55-10:59 section missing from S2 patched using surrounding bars of S2 and actual
exact same section from S5 to patch the missing section
-cut to S5 at 11:00

03 - Cowgirl =
-all S5, no other crossovers or errors to fix
-crowd added at end to mask crossover from S5 Cowgirl finish into S3 Push Upstairs start

04 - Push Upstairs =
-S3 from start (00:00 - 00:44)
-opening notes created using surrounding bars of S3 as they were a bit muffled beneath
the crowd and added other crowd noise to smooth the start. crowd noise drops off fast
but thats how the actual broadcast actually sounded too.
-cut to S2 at 00:44

05 - King Of Snake =
-cross fade to S3 from start (00:00) with a little added crowd from end of Push Upstairs
-cut to S2 00:25
-cut to S3 12:59 (this is to get the missing minute from every other broadcast)
-cross fade back to S2 14:07-14:14 with added crowd underneath to help mask source
-Cross fade to S5 crowd at 17:13 till end

06 - Ramajama (with Moaner lyrics) =
-S5 for whole track
-scratch glitch repaired at around 02:02 mark using surrounding bars
-added crowd at end to cross fade into S3 at very end

07 - Dark & Long (Dark Train) =
-S3 from 00:00 and added a little bit of crowd under start
-cross fade to S2 at 02:48-02:55

08 - Born Slippy .NUXX =
-all S2
-repaired glitch scratch at 00:52 with surrounding beats
-cross fade to S1+S5 combined with added crowd at 11:59 with Karl talking & crowd at
end of the track

09 - Rez =
-S1 for start (00:00) with added crowd underneath to get missing Karl singing at the
beginning and the proper opening of his singing the note "ooooooohhh" not on any other
-cross fade to S3 00:16-00:20 for rest of whole track

ALTERNATE FOLDER - includes the Intro track and the version of Mmm...Skyscraper, I Love You which still has the double drums error at around the 10 minute mark for
PURISTS who want the errors that happened on stage to be in the release. You can just swap out these two tracks for the main AUDIO folder tracks and it will all work smoothly.

TEMPORARY ART - includes my very basic covers for anyone burning CD's. Jamie Lochhead is re-working his original release cover for us to include later so we have a top quality cover.

CONSTRUCTION PICS FOLDER - some shots of Audacity highlighting the construction of this show.

Audio Remastering by Bill

Patching & Editing by Matt

Thanks to Bill, Jamie, Mike, Geoff, Yannick and Mark

Hope you all enjoy this new construction of one of Underworld's best shows ever.

Any feedback is welcome. Good and Bad. :-)

Please do not distribute as MP3 or in other lossy formats.
Pass on and torrent for free, do not sell.