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Re: Drift, Episode 1 - Dust EP
Originally Posted by whatmakesustick View Post
Really glad to get this - to be honest I had not really listed to the individual releases much. It's not a complaint as such, (call me old fashioned) but I don't like this format for releasing the tunes. The first one I could buy, the next few I could not, they were all obviously edits and I kind of just hoped for something like this instead.

Anyone else waiting/hoping for a physical release or are you just sticking with the digital now (13.49 for lossless!)

Moaning aside - absolutely loving the new music as always Like was mentioned in the previous posts, a bit more raw and nice to get back to some intense techno.
Agree...great to have these all in one place with non-edited versions. I'm on through listen 5, and really enjoy the pace, mood and transitions, too. Dexter's Chalk continues to excite. Not as psyched about the improv jam, as it doesn't really hearken back to the original for me and I find it a little basically in terms of not really evolving beyond a few repeated grooves. But it's pleasant enough, and definitely the more organic side of UW, per their soundtracks or maybe like the Eno-Hyde jams.

I have the EP downloaded via subscription service, so I guess I'm paying a small price for this every month, but split between hundreds of other tracks. If the price is right, I'd consider buying digital, but really would like a CD or maybe DVD with the film's, too
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