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Re: Unwarping Underworld Vocals
I've updated the previous post with some audio files.

Not the Bruce Lee demo. This song begins with a cut up sample of a guitar and some of the vocals from Bruce Lee. This guitar sample is the same one that was edited for 8 Ball. This is a bit of a stretch for a thread about unwarping vocals, but I feel it's significant enough.

Unruly July
This track and Vocoder Monks were used for a Tomato exhibition, I think. Vocoder Monks uses elements from Can You Feel Me, while Unruly July uses vocoded lyrics and a percussion loop also used for Spoonman, Telegraph, River of Bass, Oh, Big Meat Show...

"Boy makes sound like a pig,
boy makes a sound like a bomb,
like a snake,
like a machine,
deep green and,
counting the numbers of deliverance."

These lyrics are also used in the "Mmm Skyscraper" art book, combined with the sample usage it seems Unruly July and Vocoder Monks are Dubnobass era.
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