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Re: Unwarping Underworld Vocals (In Dubnobass)
Can a mod remove the "(In Dubnobass)" from the thread title? Probably more useful to have other albums covered in the same thread.

Confusion the Waitress
Confusion the Waitress has more of the distorted vocals but they change speed as if they were twisting a speed knob on a sampler while recording the song. I don't have a clip ready for it because it's difficult to account for the speed changes.
It says "Confusion the waitress" near the start, and near the end it sounds something like "then somebody told me, the waitress among eyes". There's a lot more vocals there to attempt to transcribe, but so much going on in the song above them.

Originally Posted by twicezero View Post
Surfboy one was obvious to me - I've always sung along 'uuuunnnnddddeeerrrrrrwwwwooorrrrllllddddd!'
It is one of the more obvious ones, had to edit it a while ago to make sure I was getting it right for the lyrics on the songography though so figured I should include it now.
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