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Re: British muslims protest Bin ladens death
Originally Posted by human151
"in Lebanon, just 34 percent of Muslims surveyed said that suicide bombings are often or sometimes justified, compared to 74 percent who expressed the same view in 2002. Only eight percent of those polled in Egypt believed suicide bombing was justified, as did 11 percent in Morocco.

In contrast, 41 percent of Palestinians said such attacks are often justified while another 29 percent said it can sometimes be justified. The poll was conducted between April and May, before Hamas took over the Gaza Strip following violent clashes with Fatah.

The survey also reflected declining support - identified as "Muslim confidence" - for Osama bin Laden. The percentage of Jordanian Muslims who support bin Laden dropped from 56 percent in 2003 to just 20 percent in 2007. "

this does not exactly answer the question, but is the only stats I could easily find.[

There are over a billion muslims world wide. If only %5 are extremist or share their views, then that is 50,000,000 muslims who are extremists or sympathize with their views.
5% of ANY big number can be classed a significant amount. So assuming there are 1.5 billion people in the world who would identify as Muslim, that would mean 75 million feeling suicide bombing is sometimes justified - which is a significant and worrying amount to me too... until we look at the much larger figure presumably thinking it's not justified.

Do you know how large that figure would be?


That's close enough to be an approximation of the original sample size of 1.5 billion!! Such is the misleading power of big numbers, and such is the way our difficulty to envisage them can be exploited for propagandist purposes.

My point to all this being that coming out with remarks like 'wow muslims are nice' is pretty damn ignorant. There's enough tribal hate in the world without you contributing to it.