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Re: Dutch on verge of getting most right wing government in the EU, in dutch history
so....what is so illogical about my argument?

Is it logical to say that there are problems with segments of the muslim population? Or is it illogical to say that they are not a problem? Is it illogical to say that people should become british if they choose to move to the UK? What is the fallacy in that argument?

Is it illogical to view this clip and come to the conclusion that there are problems within the british muslim community? They are yelling "allah Ackbar" as they are chasing the London Metropolitan Police. You want to tell me that there is not problem with that?

What is it about chasing police and throwing objects at them that makes god so great? What a bunch of fucking religious retards. They imigrate to England and do not respect your laws and intimidate the police and im the one who is illogical because I say that there is a problem?

Do you believe that is air you are breathing?

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