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Re: 2017 THREAD Orbital are back! Whatever happens will happen again!
Originally Posted by purlieu View Post
Monsters Exist... oh, I dunno, I feel like there's a better album in there, with a bit of a shuffle around, and a couple of longer tracks. Paul reckons people don't have the attention span to listen to long records these days, and yet the one consistent criticism of the last four albums has been that the songs are too short! Daft bastard. Buried Deep Within ends just as it gets going, which disappoints me every time I listen. The End is Nigh sounds like The Chainsmokers. And Brian Cox can fuck off. Transport a couple of tracks from the bonus disc over to replace them (I'd say Kaiju, To Dream Again and the Coxless closing track) and you've got an album that's genuinely the equal of their first four. As it is, the 3CD HMV deluxe version is still excellent value and a bloody great album, it's just a shame about those little niggles that stop it being the album it should be.

I pretty much agree with all this - it feels like you're getting a lot of bits and pieces of epics, but not the full story. Once you really take in all the bonus tracks it's clear there's a brilliant 50-55 minute album in there...but you kinda have to dig it out yourself. "Kaiju" is so great, I can't imagine why that didn't make the main disc...