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Re: Dutch on verge of getting most right wing government in the EU, in dutch history
Originally Posted by human151
Do you consider yourself to be "British"?
if so, why? Could it be because you live in Britain?
Yes and yes. But then it's not just because I live in Britain. It's also likely because I've always lived in Britain, so there are no other countries for me to consider. Had I been born in Australia or Pakistan and subsequently moved here, then who knows. And by the way this was the very reason for me bringing up the point about being English/Welsh, because it raises a similar question...

Originally Posted by human151
Are you British or not? wales is a state of Great Britain. You may be Welsh, but you are still British, unless of course you do not consider yourself British.
I haven't denied my Britishness (and thanks for reminding me where Wales is, I'd almost forgotten. ) The reason I brought up the example of England and Wales is because, besides being in Britain, these are also two individual nations with their own sense of identity, their own sense of nationalism and loyalty, and it's a question that is raised surprisingly often. And when people ask it, I usually answer: I'm both. Probably I feel slightly more English if I'm being honest (country of my birth) which may explain why I initially described myself as an Englishman living in Wales rather than a Welshman born in England. But that may also have something to do with the strong sense of nationalism felt and expressed by many in Wales - overt expressions of nationalism are something I have never particularly cared for.

But the short answer is 'both' and 'who really cares' (besides those with a fixation on which tribe people belong to.)