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Re: Introduce Yourselves
hey, i'm someone and i enjoy underworld's arranged tones'n'drones['n'otherstuff].

first underworld song i heard was probably fricken' born slippy.nuxx on a big day out compilation. so yes i am australian! [more personal info follows].

my favourite underworld song is... uh... either mosaic, cowgirl [winjer mix], ansum, dinosaur adventure 3D, thing in a book or 020202. hard to D-Side. i'm not a big fan of the singles and all that. and i dislike vocal emphasis in music, so yeah, i avoid some of their output like the plague! still, been a solid listener for 4 years or so now.

otherwise i mostly listen to dark ambient... various forms of "post-rock"... recent, "difficult" prog music... led zeppelin... avant-garde metal... yeah. anything really. also a big fan of mainstream 90's/80's pop and such. basically, "organized" noises (boring, i know).

never seen underworld live. or anyone "notable" for that matter. i saw some local metalcore gigs. they were pretty good. haw haw.

oh, and i must say i love pizza for eggs! literally!!