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Re: Introduce Yourselves
Martin from Macedonia. Been exposed to electronic music at a pretty young age under the influence of my old man who has become a geezer estranged by physical labor in the past 6 years(sine coming to the US) and shows no interest in music what so ever. I took notice of UW sometime around 99 but i am confident that I've heard their tracks before(on the legendary Channel 103, Skopje) without knowing it was them. What got me into Underworld is the energy in their tracks. At first i listened to head-bangers with super mighty drive behind the BPM. Later I started to discover that Rick and Karl have a softer side of them and make music other than "SHOUTING LAGA LAGA". I felt the sincerity behind their slower, acoustic-ambient-downtempo work. The third stage of the addiction was when i started paying attention to the lyrics. What i saw behind the words was the poetry of one incredible individual who I think could be a really good fiction writer that can dive into subtle obscurities and still make sense to UW fans.

When those three stages of the UW experience were put together it became obvious to me that there are very few electronic music acts that have their own recognizable personality and character. That notion was confirmed at my first UW Live in NY in 07.

I must pay my respect to for being a nexus for everything Underworld and an outlet for the creative products by Rick and Karl and Darren Price now. I enjoy the radio-really good job with that! I enjoy the pictures, books of jam, snippets of future tracks and so on.

I enjoy football and the culture behind it. I like art and photography and I am determined to change some things in the world by influencing one person at a time, as many people as possible during my lifetime.

Looking forward to the All Points West show.

peace, love and all best from Maahtin <-- my UW influenced photo album
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