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Re: Introduce Yourselves
I'm Jason from NJ.
Graphic Designer/Usabilty Analyst

I'm not quite a dinosaur but I'm not a wee one either. I've celebrated at least 10 birthdays since joining dirty back in 1996/7? (even before it was dirty.) I've been lucky enough to meet around 15 of yas. - all great people and great times.

My first time hearing Underworld was tasting Born Slippy on the Trainspotting soundtrack followed very closely by Cowgirl on MTV Amp. They were referred to me as, "the future of music." I wasn't sure I bought that description but I did fall in love with their style/talent almost instantly. I tracked down the band and purchased STiTI right away. Every since then I've been on top of their releases past and present.

Saw the gang live for the first time in 1997 at the Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC. Ive since seen them 9 more times, most recently in Atlanta; I tried to see them in London in 2007 but due to illness, the show was cancelled.

One January, Karl wished me happy birthday in an uwlive pic. Big smile.

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