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Re: Beaucoup Fish - 4 CD Remastered Deluxe Box Set (8/25/2017)
Originally Posted by khouri View Post
The Kittens = Darren revelation just made me think of something...

Five Points = Darren? Could explain its absence?
That was my point/question earlier in the thread, does anyone know whether Darren had any input with the re-issues or any say on what could or could not be included? Are the extra tracks just R&K's? Are there others Darren was involved with that won't ever be released?

I would be very surprised if Five Points was Darren's, the music sounds a bit like Headset to me and I'm sure it must be Rick's tune.

Now Rowla must be Darren's, I'm sure I remember reading there were problems with putting together STITI and which /who's versions of tracks to use: Surely Rowla was Darren's and Cherry Pie was Rick's? Sorry if this point has already been discussed!

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