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Re: T2: Trainspotting
Originally Posted by TheBang View Post
Here's the link to buy the US domestic release of the soundtrack (ignore the fact that the product page says "Import"; it's not). It's not coming out until the beginning of March, to coincide with the US release of the film.
Not buying if it's as crapmastered as they say. Underwhelmed by Slow Slippy and The Prodigy remix I've heard. Young Father's? Nope. Roll on the Beaucoup Fish box set...

PS am I getting old and cranky? Sure. But for a film that wallows in nostalgia, the soundtrack is just that. Safe retreads and nowhere near the energy of the original. As a teen in the 90s, Trainspotting was a major musical/visual experience. A teen these days might hardly care. As a thirtysomething this time around, I love the nostalgia but hate the adaptation. It's pandering. Better to just play the original tracks and let us fill in the context, rather than remixes that hint at the original feel, but remind you that something's changed for the worse over time...
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