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Re: T2: Trainspotting
Originally Posted by big screen satellite View Post
also on at the moment - there is a (currently) non-working placeholder link to a T2: Trainspotting section...interesting
The broken link is just a link to the T2 news item, the same stuff in the Facebook post:

Originally Posted by jetpig View Post
I wonder what all karl is gonna be up to while smith is holed up with boyle. Maybe a larger solo tour or new solo material? Itd be nice for that to come to the states, at least.
The release date for T2 is Jan. 27, so the soundtrack should already be finalized next month, I imagine.

Originally Posted by holden View Post
Not surprising, really, but good news, nonetheless. Looking forward to hearing this score. Wonder if Karl will contribute vocals to any new music (i.e. credited as Underworld) or if it's solely Rick?
If I had to guess, I would imagine that UW gets least one song in the movie, maybe more.