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Re: Trainspotting 2
Originally Posted by ultradave View Post
Nice to see the original cast members will be in the film. I'm going to have to revisit the original. It's been a while since I've watched it.

Hoping the soundtrack will feature an original UW track. I'm not against a new recorded version of Born Slippy - possibly a bridge off from their 2003 version - Born Slippy 2016. I'll gladly accept another remix, but seriously...
Kind of feel like a remix of Born Slippy.NUXX is almost a requirement, as a nod to nostalgia and link to the seminal vibe of the original. But even 20 years in from the first movie, and 13 from the piano laden new mix, we need a NEW new version... Something with energy, please! I'd hate to hear the track shoehorned in as background music just for the sake of inclusion, it's such a powerful track, pivotal to the plot and obviously aging well.

That said, a new soundtrack would be great! Underworld have a hard time saying no to Danny Boyle over the years, so let's hope...
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