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Re: Wishlist - Beaucoup fish deluxe boxset
Originally Posted by khouri View Post

I really don't want any of the remixes by other artists. Not into it at all. I want as much pure Underworld as they can fit on those discs.

that might have been true for their earlier mixes.

however, at this point, the ones they did were all fairly mundane, and basically just extending the tracks which was really boring.

all the other remixers had a great time doing their mixes.


underworld used to do radical mixes on their own and on other peoples work,
but all that seemed to stop a long time ago.

Originally Posted by khouri View Post
I don't see the value in compiling stuff that's already been released on CD, since we have it in high quality already. But the UWlive jams would be rad, along with the DVD exclusive music from Everything Everything like Kittens, Rowla, Moaner, Dark Train and everything else from the ROM portion.
except some are out of print, some are promos, and not everyone wants to hunt down all those singles..

which is one of the points of compiling them for a boxset.