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Re: Wishlist - Beaucoup fish deluxe boxset
Originally Posted by Troy McClure View Post
Showcasing other remixers wouldn't be my first choice either even though there were some good ones from that period.

As for any potential studio demo tracks I'd like:

--Cappe Ffuno
--The part of King of Snake they used when they did really long live jams...I think it's referred to as 'Bungalow'
--Please Help Me jams
--Five Points

This. My favorite era of UW. Have all the remixes, radio shows, live improvs. I'd love studio versions of the above UW jams, but see no reason for remastered remixes. Rarely are they very memorable, though I guess you could argue that this era was the last time when remixers really worked with the track elements, rather than taking a vocal sample and one loop to put on top of their own crap production, which is sadly the case today.

As I mentioned in the Stiti thread, I'm most keen to hear outtakes from the BF sessions. Just because we don't know about them doesn't mean they don't exist... Case in point, STITI boxset disc 3.

There are accounts that the BF recording sessions were tense, with mixes shared over DAT if not in person. Promises of many embryonic versions! Would love to have works in progress and tracks like the above that never saw official release, especially Cappe Ffuno
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