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Re: Dutch on verge of getting most right wing government in the EU, in dutch history
Originally Posted by human151
Does it really matter what people wear? No it doesent, people are free to wear what ever they please. But when the clothing is specific to a culture and or religion there is a problem.
I disagree.

It just so happens I attended a birthday bash last night, organized by my Muslim in-laws. They booked a function room in a restaurant.

There were about 50 of us in total, including the local mayor.
Approx 40 were Muslim or of ethnic Pakistani origin.
Approx 10 were non-Muslim/white.

Many of the Muslims wore traditional Pakistani clothes. Not black gowns or head-to-toe burqas (none of them would wear anything like that) but nonetheless it was what you have called "clothing specific to a culture and/or religion". Bright colourful saris, gold jewellery - stuff like that.

The Muslims who organised this get-together didn't drink alcohol - but they were considerate enough to put on a bar for the alcohol-drinking non-Muslim minority.

We all had a good time.

These are the stories you don't read about in your right wing news sources, because they don't fit the narrative of division, they don't drive a wedge between people.

Yes there are problems with Islamic extremism, yes there are mosques that have disseminated extremist literature, yes there is probably a greater propensity of what I would deem backwards attitudes.

But by listening to groups like the English Defence League, or Stop the Islamification of Europe, or Wilders' Dutch Freedom Party, or the Tea Party extremists, you won't be made aware of the Muslim peace marches and groups, you won't be hearing the imams that speak out against extremism, you won't know about all the Muslims who accept non-Muslims and atheists and homosexuals, you won't hear about ANY of these things.

There does not have to be a problem with integration just because people of Pakistani origin (or the Muslim religion) choose to wear clothes specific to the culture or religion of their birth country or their parents' birth country. Many of us prove it each day.

It only becomes a problem when the mischief-makers from both sides of the debate make it a problem.