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Dutch on verge of getting most right wing government in the EU, in dutch history

Dutch party gives nod to coalition deal with Wilders

A pact to allow Dutch centre-right parties to form a government with the support of anti-Islamist populist Geert Wilders has cleared another hurdle. The Christian Democrats (CDA) ratified the deal at a meeting on Saturday by 68% in favour, with 32% opposed. As part of its programme, the government will ban the full Islamic veil in the Netherlands, parties say.

Dutch coalition deal involving Wilders takes shape

Dutch conservative parties have moved closer to a coalition deal hinging on the support of the anti-Islam party of Geert Wilders.MPs from the Dutch Liberal Party accepted the deal, which ends months of deadlock, after it was approved by MPs from Mr Wilders' Freedom Party. The Christian Democrats are due to take a final decision by Saturday. Mr Wilders said earlier that even if his party did not enter government it would still have "enormous influence".

Under the deal, Dutch Liberal Party (VVD) leader Mark Rutte is set to become prime minister, forming a cabinet with Maxime Verhagen's Christian Democrats (CDA). With just 52 seats between the two parties in the 150-seat parliament, they propose to form a minority government, which would rely on the Freedom Party's 24 seats to pass legislation by a tiny margin.Mr Wilders is due to stand trial next week on charges of hate speech for allegedly insulting Islam.
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