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Re: Is Underworld innovative?
Originally Posted by jose m View Post
musically, in the 90's, i think they were at the "cutting edge" of dance electronic music along with aphex twin,fsol,black dog etc etc but whether you can call that innovative i don't know?
they are innovative in the field of live performance without a doubt.
every soft wear manufacturer wants underworld to run their gear and put it to use in the most advanced live set up in the biz.
basically i think they're guys interested in the mix of sounds and electronic's so are part of the long tradition of many groups and artist (tangerine dream,depeche mode,peter gabriel,the shamen,talk talk etc etc) over the last 50 years.

anyway,who actually is innovative ? bob dylan,derrick may,kraftwerk,satie,goldie,the beatles,stockhausen ? i think it just depends on your perspective.
I agree they could be classified as innovators with their live show, which makes what is currently happening live all the more disappointing. I can't be inspired to spend 5-700 to fly to SF to hear them play live versions that are virtually identical to the album version. It wasn't always like this. I personally don't need the music I enjoy to 'push boundaries' or be innovative so this whole argument is meaningless to my enjoyment of Underworld's recorded output. My point was to highlight to whoever criticized the new album for not 'pushing boundaries' as if Underworld were ever really pushing boundaries or even should be held to that standard 3 decades after they started making music.
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