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Re: Drop #3 - Cowgirl Limited Drop
Originally Posted by negative1 View Post
is there a difference between pressings from the UK and the US.

i've been waiting a year or two to catch up on a lot of vinyl boxsets,
and i'm getting them for 20-50% of their original cost. same with albums.
i've never pre-ordered, and i just wait for used or lightly used copies to show up.
The nature of vinyl pressing means even pressings from the same plant can differ wildly, some labels will prefer to use Optimal, or MPO, or GZ in Europe, but there's others too. Some will swear by one or the other, but in my experience there's no reall noticeable difference between them (appreciate that contradicts my first statement somewhat).

A lot of it comes down to the mastering or cut which can have a huge impact on the final press.

Most of the cost in a box set will be in it's packaging - not everything goes up in value on the second hand market and sellers will sometimes have a surplus of titles (especially box sets which can take up a lot of space) they prefer to move on at nearer cost price rather than waiting for it to sell at full price. Of course some box sets will go up in value hugely, but there's no real science to predict what will or won't, but you can often make an educated guess as to what might increase in value.