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Re: Roundhouse gigs rollcall
Just got home. We bailed after seeing everyone streaming back onto the floor after the fire alarm or whatever that was. Lost a PRIMO spot at the front, was having an excellent show and then the music just.... died in the middle of KoS (and it was just ROCKING). Rick and Karl went off stage after saying it would take five minutes, and I noticed all the folks in the seats being herded out. Then they did us on the floor. Somehow I eventually ended up way out beyond the tour busses and then op! everyone can go back in!


It seemed like it could be less than pleasant to stay, as EVERYONE in the venue was essentially allowed on the floor and they weren't checking tickets to get back in (fair enough!) and folks were getting pushy and the floor was wet because it had been raining outside. So after watching the band come back on (from the sidelines) and trying to recue KoS back up (and having some difficulty) we decided to beat the crowd and catch the bus home because they had maybe 15 minutes left before the curfew.

Disappointed and no explanation as to what happened. After last week's difficult show this one was so much better and I was around some cool people and no cigarette smoke!

I was one back from the rail in front of Rick - wearing a Hiroshima Carp baseball tshirt, brown hair in ponytail. Will be back up at the front tomorrow in same outfit if anyone wants to say hello

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