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Re: DRIFT Live - London, Amsterdam, Antwerp
Amsterdam info:
Best concert goer,

Underworld presents this Saturday DRIFT! The final piece of their most productive year ever. The DRIFT project brings the creative duo every week a new track from resulting in the new album Drift Series 1 and a special live show on Saturday, November 23 at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam.

After an introduction at 19:00 taking Rick Smith & The Misterons you from 19:45 on a journey through dark and deep layers of the DRIFT universe. Then Karl and Rick will be at 21.30 going on stage for their spectacular new live production, with both music and visuals over 52 weeks DRIFT as timeless classics Underworld.


19.00 - Doors open
19.00 - 'Drift' Intro
19:45 - Rick Smith & The Misterons Drift Pre-Show
21.00pm - Transition (The Misterons)
21.30h - Underworld Main Show
23.45u - Expected end

* Please note that the timetable may be waived subject and hereof. Check our website regularly for the latest updates and news.
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