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Re: Drift ep. 1 part 2: Underworld and [Phase] - Dexters Chalk
Originally Posted by 34958hq439-qjw9v5jq298v5j View Post
whatever happened to Fluke anyway? they seemed to be the one EDM group that actually grabbed the UW sound and ran with it. always felt like a knock-off to me but I still liked their stuff. can't get enough UW-like stuff these days. last I heard some of 'em morphed into Syntax, they dropped one really nice album and just went away forever.

Not to turn this into a Fluke thread, but after the three Flukers broke into Syntax, there was one Fluke album as a duo (Puppy), Syntax released a further EP (Tripolar) and various members collaborated as 2Bit Pie (excellent album). Nothing much for the past several years, though. Massive thread on hybridized forum that I'll link later. I loved Fluke and their various versions, but they definitely kept changing sounds from record to record, and thus may have gotten lost in the electronica shuffle.

Been running Dexter's Chalk on repeat...what great, slightly menacing lyrics! I get a bit of a Moaner or Peggy sussed vibe, maybe only for a more shouty vocal from Karl than we've had in recent records.
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