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Re: Personalized Drift Album
Originally Posted by purlieu View Post
Mine's come out somewhat close to the Sampler Edition, possibly unsurprisingly.

1. Appleshine
2. Another Silent Way / Drift Poem / Better Than Diamonds
3. Border Country
4. Listen to Their No
5. Dune
6. Brilliant Yes That Would Be
7. S T A R
8. Schiphol Test
9. Custard Speedtalk

Appleshine is very much the typical Underworld slightly-understated-moody-techno opener, follows on from Dirty Epic, Mo Move, Crocodile, Bird 1 and just sets things off well for me. The extended Another Silent Way suite is a nice '90s throwback, structurally, and follows the moody opener with a more energetic track, as Push Upstairs, Two Months Off, Beautiful Burnout and Always Loved a Film did. The two obvious singles round out the more energetic first half. Border Country's quick opening makes it flow better from ASW for me, with Listen to Their No following on nicely.
Then we have a break for a couple of slower tracks to break things up, Beaucoup Fish-style. S T A R takes the position of the late-album-banger to keep things from getting too sedate - thinking Dinosaur Adventure 3D, Bruce Lee, Cowgirl - before winding down with Schiphol Test - a kind of Something Like a Mama / Air Towel moodier number - and ending with Custard Speedtalk, which is the logical album closer of everything here for me. Nine tracks, 75 minutes, meaning it feels more in line with the '90s albums.

If this has actually been the album, I'd have had no problem putting it in my top 3 UW records on first listen.

got half through this doing the dishes and found it interesting. the transitions made me itchy (i have not found an upbeat companion to appleshine aside from drum street) but i went with it and it was different than anything i'd put together. enjoyed it! almost convinced me to switch listen to their no (which is the closest to push upstairs as the short punchy one imo) with border country on my own list buuuuut i'm sticking to it so far.

got the rest of these on their own playlist so i'll see how those go soon