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Re: New Underworld album - Barking (Sept. 13, Sept 2 Japan)
Originally Posted by bryantm3 View Post
all this 3d tv garbage... i really see it as a really bad marketing move by TV companies. nobody's going to go for it, it's simply too impractical to have to wear glasses everytime you want to watch TV. it's neat when you're in a movie theater, as a novelty, but who really wants to see the daily show in 3d?
I assume you have not seen a 3D TV performing ? I indeed was scepitcal but having seen one I was blown away with the performance. What was the point of watching football in 3D I thought - well having seen a demo I can tell you the quality is outstanding

BUT the point is everything wont be in 3d you be watching Eastenders in 3d ! It will purely be for ceratin events ie movies, sport etc etc & todays 3D TV's do both at the same time with excellent results