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Re: 2019-07-05 Roskilde Festival
I somehow missed this recording of Listen to Their No the first time around, so I figured I'd add it for completeness (there's a recording of Nuxx as well, but I doubt anyone's overly eager to watch that...):

Originally Posted by jetpig View Post
Yeah that intro definitely seems unintentional. No matter how slick the technology gets, you just can't ever get away from the bugs, though I will note that they seemed to pop back up right as they are getting back to shuffling the setlist again.. Situations like this seem to make a good case for having pricey on stage.
To be fair, even with Price on stage, they still had slip-ups. I can recall two at the Hamburg gig during the small winter/spring 2008 European tour, when they threw caution to the wind and really mixed up the setlists. It's just the price of doing what they do live.