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Re: Well, I really have nothing importants to say...
Andrea, I wish it was as easy as that,

If I don't take pain medication, it becomes overwhelming and I can inter act with friends and family.

The meds are regulated. I basically get a steady yet moderate dose of narcotic to keep me comfortable during the day.

Its funny, I thought I would ride a narcotic cloud into the ether, but I find I can only tolerate the steady mild dose they give me.

The narcotics distend my stomach, make me constipated, and just plain uncomfortable if I take too much.

this is from a guy who could do a gram of heroin a day, just to get through the pain so I could work.

read the Wikipedia I posted.
the cancer is in operable because it has Metastasized to my liver, and that's virtually untreatable. The infection from the main cancer is in my system, which destroys the liver, sometimes slowly and some times rapidly. It can be treated with topical antibiotics, but once those are discontinued, the infected liver cells spread leaving poison it their wake, which just compounds every thing.

I hope that makes sense, and I appreciate the sentiment. But I would rather spend my time making peace to friends and loved ones before its too late.

I will live on, in your memories of me, no matter how superficial they may be, I am sure I had an effect on you, one way or another, either pleasant or I irritated the fuck out of you. both are valid.

I have created a face book presence so if anyone is interested in reconnecting, send me a friend request.

Can someone tell me how to set up a moderated message board?