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Re: 1995-10-19 Glasgow Barrowlands
Also mentioned in this issue of Muzik:

The next issue of Muzik hits
the streets on Wednesday
November 8 and comes
complete with a free
compilation tape, put together
and mixed by one of Britain's
finest DJs - Darren Emerson.

He's the Essex boy who done
super-good, building a
reputation as one of this
country's finest deck technicians
with his ability to travel across
the deep house and techno
frontiers in inimitable style.

And he is, of course, one third of
our very favourite electro-funk
post-rock outfit, Underworld.

The tape will be your one and
only chance to hear a selection
of Emerson's favourite and
most upfront tracks, including
exclusive and previously
unheard material from his own
Underwater label. There will
also be a step-by-step guide to
the making of the cassette.

And some very tasteful shots of
the Boys Own hunk at work.
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