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Re: DRIFT Series 1 - New album, Nov 1, 2019
So, in regards to "'RicksDubbedOutDriftExperience (Live in Amsterdam)" I know that the announcement stated -

IF YOU BOUGHT THE ORIGINAL ‘DRIFT’ SERIES 1 BOX SET… included a URL and unique code that allows you to download additional material published during the course of Series 1. This has been updated to add “RicksDubbedOutDriftExperience (Live in Amsterdam)” - recorded live at Underworld’s show at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on 23rd November 2019 and is now available to you, for free. Download the updated package now, using the same details as before.

...but has anyone actually gotten that work?

I've re-downloaded the zip file twice now, with no luck.

Each time - 'Archive Utility' gives me 'undefined errors' on the file, and 'Stuffit Expander' indicates that the "Archive was compressed with an unknown compression method."