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Re: currently reading?
Originally Posted by ceramic'cow View Post
I am currently reading this, which I got for my birthday the other day, basically because I have a huge hard-on for evolution, but also because I've always been fascinated to know how the man himself felt about the importance of his work, and the significance of publishing a book which basically undermined one of the Christian faith's major claims to validity.

It's very well written, so I'm ploughing through it at quite a pace, but it's definitely focussed on his life rather than his science, so I think I'll definitely look out a more scientific-based account in the near future.
That one looks v interesting, I might have to get hold of it.

I've just started reading The Ancestor's Tale (Dawkins' pilgrimage through 3 billion years of life on earth).

As someone with absolutely no scientific background whatsoever (and who dropped those subjects as quickly as possible at school in favour of art-based subjects) I'm hoping it won't become too much for me. Certainly Unweaving the Rainbow was both fascinating and well written, and aside from a tangent on DNA, I found it accessible enough (ugh, hate using that word!) for a layman like me.

And besides, at least the Ancestor's Tale can't be as tough as Chaucer's original, which I studied at school and found tedious in the extreme!