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Re: 2 San Francisco Shows Added
went to the first night, not the second (regrettably).

this was my second time seeing underworld, as i have to fly quite a ways to catch them when i do.

the show was, as expected, amazing. i left the venue on saturday with a warm, good feeling that i havent been able to kick. seeing karl giving it basically the stuff that makes you smile for hours. the reaction from the crowd was great (up front), but the smile on HIS face was what made the show. its obvious, both of them LOVE what they do and that feeling rubs off on us. despite some technical problems (with what seemed like his monitor and perhaps some sequencing) they pulled it off with an energy and emotion that ive never seen in another act before...since them

i remember when i saw them in 02 at the wiltern in LA, the feelig i had buzzing around in my head even at the airport returning home...and i really havent felt it again until friday night. seeing them reminded me why i love them, this music and even this board so much. they also reminded me how fun it was again to dance my fucking face off. i have no pictures except the ones in my head...but those are all i need.

and to those of you who were there with me, thanks for helping make the night the experience it was!

getting all emotional thinking about it. bah.

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