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Default Re: World of Underworld

Originally Posted by potatobroth View Post
I much prefer an album format. Even Riverrun was a little too strange for me (being each a ~30min unbroken track.)

I'm fine with a bunch of one-offs appearing here and there as singles, but as for new music by Underworld proper, I'm fingers-crossed for an album.

yea it was definitely a bit obnoxious to have to split up the tracks yourself. I'd listen to them unbroken a lot but they really did feel like 3 EPs with 4-5 tracks each, including some "single worthy" stuff that you'd want to isolate from the album

I'm on the same page as everyone else here, I kinda like what they're doing but I hope they do release some standalone thing with just the new stuff. I don't have Spotify and I don't really plan on getting it for this. very interested to see what they come up with for the red playlist, which has stuff like "8 Ball", "Faxed Invitation", and "Ballet Lane"....
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