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Re: Mario Kart Wii - Friend Codes
ceramic'cow, I'll add you later tonight.

1934 1306 2148

My first impressions: Online for this is much better than SSBB, the lag is non-existent and it's easy to join up with friends. It's cool you can send invites to people you've exchanged Wii codes with (all games with online should be based on this system). It looks pretty and the new tracks are pretty fun. It's nice that your kart (rather than character) determines acceleration, handling, etc. I miss the 2 character action of double-dash and each character having a special attack. Some of the new power-ups are cool like the bullet and the rain cloud. The blue shells, lightning bolts, and POWs (at least these can be avoided if you're racing somewhere with jumps) occur a little too often. The Wiiel (Wii Wheel) is pretty fun to use.