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Re: Two Months Off (Live at Glastonbury 2016)
God I hope so! It's a good album, not their best, but I am DYING to hear all the unreleased stuff from that era as their live stuff from around that time was exceptional and their creative output was arguably at its peak then (maybe until DRIFT anyway!). Would love if they included a re-issue of Riverrun with it too and full version of Ansum too. It's such a strange album as it was the first UW album I heard and got immediately hooked by "Sola Sistim" which is about as far removed from the other 99% of their music as you can get haha. I don't love it and I think it could've been improved by replacing a couple of the songs with other edits/other songs entirely from that era, but it's just also flawless it's hard to put into words haha.