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Re: While we wait for Drift Series 2...
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Wow cheers, will give that a listen thanks. I went out and bought the full DRIFT series 1 CD box set yesterday on a whim. Saw it for £40 in HMV and thought "Eh, why not?" and I never realised how much extra material there would be in there besides the EPs. There's a live disc, DVD (Bluray !! ) of the music videos, extended "continuums", and a booklet. Well impressed and don't know where to start haha. Something to keep me busy during this next UK lockdown anyway.
And don't forget Underworld released Manchester Street Poem album, which is a whole instrumental UW album on its own. Only the track "Doris" is featured on Drift Series 1 from it. Rick's live dub album includes a bunch of live reworked/remixed versions of Manchester Street Poem tracks. I highly suggest downloading MSP as well to help expand the amount of UW material. I kinda wish MSP was a CD in the boxset as well. It's really good.

Oh, and let's not forget the nearly 6 hours of bonus material included with the download code from the original large sized boxset that features a bunch of "from the vaults" material, from rarities to live rehearsals to studio jams to mixes in hi-res. That 26 minute Pearl's Girl jam is great.

Altogether, you got about 14 hours worth of Underworld to keep yourself busy with.