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Re: While we wait for Drift Series 2...
My favourite ep is definitely Heart. My favourite track from the eps are

Dust: Dexters Chalk
Atom: Appleshine Continuum ... all 47 min of it
Heart: Pinetum
Space: Altitude Dub / Schiphol Test. Can't decide between the two
Game: Give me the Room

- Overall favourite track?

- Which track you would most like to see revisited (either live, remixed, extended, etc.)
Pinetum, Seven Music Drone & Mile Bush Pride would all make for a great live track.

There aren't any really bad Drift tracks, but my buttom five are probably Hundred Weight Hammer, Threat of Rain, Listen to their No, One True Piano need Hand and Do Breakers trip.

Looking forward to Drift 2. Must be out real soon, eh?