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Re: While we wait for Drift Series 2...
I would say DUST is my favorite EP, SPACE in 2nd place

Listen To Their No is probably my favorite track. It's like their Rez of today,

Underrated: Roof Off, Seven Minute Drone, Big Bear

Too many tracks that I would like to see live from it. Another Silent Way, Universe Of Can When Back, and Dexter's Chalk would make a great medley live. I would like to see Mile Bush Pride extended. Feels like a song about to explode, but ends too soon.

I think Drift Series 1 is the best thing they've done since Riverrun. I hold Drift and Drift Series 1 up there with Dubnobasswithmyheadman, Second Toughest In The Infants, and Beaucoup Fish.

I also got my own 16 track Drift double album playlist that I listen to quite often.

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