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Re: 2008-11-15 I love Techno, Gent (next Sat. 15/11 - Who's going?)
I really need to apologize to you, Joris. I started having doubts about that Nicodemus recording, after listening to it closely and realizing that it was played in the 2005-manner and not 2008-ish. I subsequently went on YouTube, and watched about 50 ILT 2008 videos, and confirmed everything in the setlist you wrote, except I couldn't find videos for Lenny Penne and Crocodile. But, importantly, it confirmed the order of NUXX and then Jumbo for the encore. And that KoS wasn't played, so that just confirmed that the Nicodemus recording was not from 2008.

The problem I'm having now is slotting it into the 2005 ILT performance. From the Nicodemus recording (above), it sounds like KoS ends, Nicodemus plays, and then segues into Jumbo. However, in the radio broadcast recording, it goes NUXX, Moaner, and then Jumbo encore. However, it sounds like Jumbo could be spliced in. According to lloyd's review, he says that after the end, they came back on stage, Karl plugged the Riverrun web release (which you can hear on the recording after Moaner), and then they left the stage without playing an encore. So, maybe Jumbo on the radio broadcast is from earlier in the set?

So, I guess the question is (and I realize this was a long time ago), does anyone remember whether Moaner was the last song and they left the stage after Karl plugged the Riverrun release? Does it sound right that they played KoS/Nicodemus/Jumbo earlier in the setlist?