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Re: Drift Series 1 interviews
Originally Posted by Geo View Post
One interesting talk with Karl, featured in Humo, a Flemish magazine:

«No, I even left in 2012 when we had to make the music for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. The atmosphere had been tense before that, when we made the play "Frankenstein" with Danny Boyle - a fantastic experience, but I hated Rick wholeheartedly. I really couldn't stand him anymore, and those feelings were mutual. I thought: I would turn myself aside if I had to endure an intense collaboration with him. I left and made a solo album. And also two albums with Brian Eno. »
I knew they had unofficially "broken up" but i think they worded it as something like "we can't just break up just because we don't like each other!"
i didn't know it was, like, bitter.

I kind of wonder more and more if, ever since Barbara Barbara, this has been UW MK4 (or at least 3.5). they really sound like they've rearranged their whole partnership, without being specific about it.