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Re: British muslims protest Bin ladens death
Originally Posted by Deckard View Post
5% of ANY big number can be classed a significant amount. So assuming there are 1.5 billion people in the world who would identify as Muslim, that would mean 75 million feeling suicide bombing is sometimes justified - which is a significant and worrying amount to me too... until we look at the much larger figure presumably thinking it's not justified.

Do you know how large that figure would be?


That's close enough to be an approximation of the original sample size of 1.5 billion!! Such is the misleading power of big numbers, and such is the way our difficulty to envisage them can be exploited for propagandist purposes.

My point to all this being that coming out with remarks like 'wow muslims are nice' is pretty damn ignorant. There's enough tribal hate in the world without you contributing to it.

Yes I agree that the number which is not part of that %5 is a large number.

That said, why does the small percentage basically control the perception of the muslim world? Why havent they been marginalized? In the united states there are a small percentage of people who are skin heads/rascists. But these people are such a small amount and are so marginalized, no one in their right mond takes them seriously.

could you imagine some skin head group waging war against the unites states? Of course not because no one takes them seriously, they are ridiculed and have virtually no support. now, compare these skin head groups with their muslim equivalent, al qaeda. WHich group has more support? The answer is obvious, more muslims support hate groups such as Al qaeda and taliban than christians/non muslims do.

It is an undeniable fact. What is more telling is the fact that main stream muslims have not marginalized their hate groups, as non muslims have.
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