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Re: British muslims protest Bin ladens death
Originally Posted by stimpee View Post
human151 does get everyone going tho
which is 50% of my purpose here. You all are pretty much on the same page, politically. I just try to stir things up a bit, form time to time. The other 50% of my purpose is to play devils advocate in a way. You all want to believe that most people are great and everyone loves everyone else, and that the specific groups of people that are causing issues around the world are just a small amount and its really no big deal.

Well, yes it is statistically a small amount of people, I am not ignorant enough to believe that all muslims are horrible people. I am not ignorant enough to believe that half of all muslims are bad. I am not ignoratn enough to believe that even 15% percent are bad. But I am intelligent enough to believe (and admit) that even though the number of muslims which act in a ill manner are statistically minute, it still equals a significant amount of people. Also, even if the amount of muslims which actually kidnap people and cut their heads off is small, there are much more people that support their ideology. If that were not so, then tehy would have been marginalized a long time ago. Instead, they are popular enough, and are able to get the funding, to continue to drag out two wars against the most powerful Nations on earth. Obviously, are marginalized group would not be able to do that.

Imagine some crack pot group of christian zealots waging war for 10 years against the combined power of the United States and England, et al....that would not happen, because these morons could neither get the finding nor popular support to do it. They'd be wiped out in days, if not hours. But, the muslims you people hold so dear and say have only minimal support, are able to wage war against the most powerful nations on earth, for what, 10 years now? Be honest, could a group of religious zealots do this if they did not have widespread support, politically and financially.

As for "british people Protesting" yes, it was inflammatory. I knew that when I started the thread. Be honest, who, besides me gets good threadds going which are good arguments? NO one, everyone usually agrees with each other (you people know that is true). Yes, I am also a bit angry at The UK. Your society allows unimpeded immigration to your country by people who would get angry about my country killing a mass murderer. How much blood was on the hands of Bin Laden? And your citizens are protesting against my country for killing a man like that? Did these same british citizens protest on 7/7? Did they protest when the horrors of innocent brits bleeding to death because thy had their legs blown off then bled to death? No, your citizens did not. But they did protest when the man responsible for inspiring the attacks was killed. That is grotesque. Do you think The morons who carried out the attacks would have carried it out if they did were not inspired by al qaeda?

But im the one getting called out when I bring it to the spotlight. Instead of hating on me, you people should be calling up your MP's to get these idiots deported. But no...theyre not the problem, I am. lulz.

Hte all you want, Ive been here a long time and unless stimpee or som administrator bans me again, I'll continue to pop up from time to time.

And if I were under 18 the I would have to have been what, 9 when I started posting?

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