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Re: British muslims protest Bin ladens death
Originally Posted by bryantm3 View Post
over the years??? this guy (almost typed goy lol) has only made posts of this type for the past few months. he's only got 30 posts total, most of which are just replies to other posts about video games, movies, etc. your patience is awfully short! if we reduce ourselves to that kind of level so quickly we are pretty much taking our "open-mindedness" argument, lighting it on fire, stomping on it, and then running over it with a ford taurus. i can understand offering explanations, arguments, and good debate, but i don't see the point in running someone down because they have made a couple of posts wherein his misguided opinions are honestly not uncommon in this time period, and generally supported by the mainstream media. if he doesn't reply to our posts, fine, but why turn this into a bashing thread? just let it go, jeez!

HEY! "Goy" should be the internet word for when you don't know if a person is male or female!!

However much I've always "trusted" B's opinion, I'm kinda in agreement with bryantm3. Do I REALLY need to go all stalker and read all his past posts? tf? I'll just hold my opinion for now. I mean it's not like you guys were never to me. Maybe he's all sensitive though.