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Re: British muslims protest Bin ladens death
Originally Posted by Professor View Post

Side note. If you are under the age of 18, what the hell do you know?

how'd you find out he was under 18?

it seems his sub-title says 'deletion'. i hope he made it that versus someone banning him or deleting him— i don't agree with banning anyone that i don't agree with.

back to the main subject— those people are jerks and should probably go back home where they'll be happier being certifiably insane.

i think the reason people disagree with you, human151, is that you seem to stereotype the entire religion as having the same views as the extremists, saying "muslims" as a whole. we don't disagree with you that the people carrying out these protests are motherfuckers. but we do disagree with lumping them in with a group of 1.2 billion people and calling them all the same thing— many of us have muslim friends that carry out some degree of observance, and we can guarantee you that none of them are terrorists or would go to a protest against osama's being killed.

are you familiar with fred phelps, the G-d hates fags guy? it would be like me saying that all christians are like him, homophobic, anti-america, hate-mongering, etc., when obviously that isn't the case. but put yourself into the shoes of someone in, say, indonesia, where there is a low christian population. who's going to make the news over there, the christian who minds his own business and performs acts of love, or fred phelps? the opposite is true about muslims— you hear about this group of muslims overseas who are completely evil, and you associate all muslims with that group because you aren't famiiar with that group.

let's phrase this a different way. you order pizza from domino's all the time, and don't get sick. tonight you order a pizza from domino's, with your favourite toppings on it, pepperoni, onions and red pepper. but tonight, you decide to try something different— tonight you decide to add anchovies to your pizza. the pizza arrives, you eat it, and go to sleep. at 4 AM you wake up and puke all over the floor.

now here's the question: what made you sick?

your gut reaction is the anchovies, right? because you weren't familiar with them and you figured they were the thing that made you sick.

well, it turns out the pepperoni was what made you sick because they left it out all night and it got gooey and gross.

but i promise you won't think of that first. that's basically how you're interpreting the actions of these muslims overseas— you aren't familiar with the group so you lump them all into one big group.

here's a final question for you. there are 1.2 billion muslims in the world, the largest religious group second only to christians at around 2.1 billion. if all muslims are terrorists, or associated with terrorists, why aren't we all fucking dead?