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Re: UW London 17.18.19 Oct
^ relax my's too late now.

back home, beaten and broken (
please dont kill this ( MODERATOR ) as it kinda links to another forum.

i wept friday night. alone and cold, clutching my girlfriend, wondering what to do next. my aural gods have fallen ill. the distance we've travelled doesnt matter anymore. we must have fun. and we did.
after hearing Adam Freeland, Krafty Kuts, and Atomic Hooligan, things seemed okay, somewhat complete. but not really.
( part of me begged Terry to play any of his remixes of UW, but i wasnt going to ask him ).

lots of pics and sideways video to post in the next day or two.
all the Dirts i met...i love you. you took away my pain of the cancellation by filling my head with so much fun. hugs and kisses and all kinds of STRONGBOW to everyone ( sorry Geo, i had to ).
tasty, innit ???

to everyone who attended the Thursday night, i envy you all ( YOU HEARD KITTENS ! ! ).

more than ever, Toronto begs UW to visit.

Chris and Sandra.